We are a company specialized in the processing of frozen fish products, we select and choice raw materials typical of the Mediterranean without GMOs, additives and preservatives.
We have evolved over time but we have always maintained a certain flexibility. We are structured to offer the modern market the right guarantees in terms of health and hygiene of the product.
We have always been particularly attentive to quality, we pay close attention to all stages of the processing of the products, in fact, our mission is to offer fish products preserved with the traditional methods. We pay attention to the different needs of the consumers, we have a prominent place assured in modern distribution, catering and specialized areas.    
Since the purchase of raw materials and during all stages of conservation, processing and marketing, we ensure the maintenance of the cold chain through stricts controls and compliance with hygiene standards in order to guarantee the customers  a fresh and genuine product.
App features


We stand out above all for the Quality Control reserved for our production cycle.

The choice of raw materials, the controls of the manufacturing process and of the personnel employed, are elements that ensure high product standards.

A guarantee for the Company to protect distribution partners and consumers.


Modern organizational structure, streamlined in procedures, effective in the operational phases of purchasing, production, administration and sales.

Maximum attention to the supply chain and product traceability, with the help of the most modern data management technologies.


Ragù d’Amare®

La nostra nuova linea di sughi pronti, lasagne e cannelloni di mare pronti da cuocere.

Paolo Mare®

Un insieme di primi e secondi piatti a base di pesce e pronti da cuocere.

Sfizi d'Amare®

Specialità tipiche italiane molto sfiziose fatte con cura e dedizione.

Dolci d'Amare®

Prodotti dolciari secondo ricette tradizionali dal sapore autentico.